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wise-a-cre: [wyze-ay-ker], noun, 1) a person who thinks he is more amusing than he really is,  2) wise guy.

Dave Woodside, The Wiseacre InvestorGet Real Estate Information From The Wiseacre Investor


David B. Woodside has been a Utah-licensed real estate agent and investor since 1996.  He is a Utah Division of Real Estate licensed Continuing Education Course Provider and Instructor.

He abides by the NAR Code of Ethics and the Federal and Utah Fair Housing Acts, and he does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, national origin, the countries people come from, source of income, sexual preference, gender identity, or shoe size.

Dave used to be an Aerospace Engineer but now he’s a real estate Transaction Engineer. He uses his technical left brain and his creative right brain to give you solutions to your real estate problems.  That adds up to almost one full brain focusing on your real estate needs!

Other interests:  An author of self-proclaimed notoriety, he has penned winning entries to poetry and other writing contests, including having won the HumorPress.com contests several times.  His story “Sometimes It Is Brain Surgery” was published in the humor anthology “My Funny Major Medical”.  He maintains a blog of humor and other essays. He has a degree in Physics and has worked as a scientist and engineer in the Aerospace Industry.  He is both a musician and a pilot, although rarely at the same time.

Meeting both definitions of “wiseacre”, Woodside is known widely as The Wiseacre Investor and he takes this as a compliment about his wise real estate knowledge (acre, get it?).

On good days he can help you solve your real estate problems with panache.  On bad days he has to wear a tie.

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